Trolley and hoist operators are two common types of mechanisms used to automate the opening and closing of overhead doors. Both trolley and hoist operators can be equipped with various safety features and automation options to enhance convenience and security for residential and commercial applications. With the new MyQ technology, you can ensure ease of access to your garage from anywhere simply by opening the app using a mobile smart phone, tablet or computer. It is easy and convenient and can also detect errors in your operator and provide a troubleshooting option at your fingertips.


Trolley operators are designed for standard sectional overhead/garage doors and feature a trolley carriage that moves along a horizontal track to smoothly raise and lower the door. The operators are ideal for overhead/garage doors with standard or low headroom track as they are secured directly to the top panel of the door and push and pull the door up and down to ensure constant cable tension. Trolley operators come standardly equipped with safety photo eye protection.


Hoist operators are designed to efficiently automate high-lifted, inclined or vertical lift sectional and rolling curtain doors only. These operators connect directly to the torsion spring shaft or drum to lift and lower the door. Hoist operators come standardly equipped with safety photo eye protection. (Not designed for standard lift track application)

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